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Get Fire damage restoration

If your Fort Worth, TX home is damaged by fire, we can help. GET Restoration in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration for your home or business, offering 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year.

Outstanding emergency service is just as important as clean and tidy cleanup, expertly repaired property, and professionally installed fixtures. GET Restoration DFW is the answer to all your fire damage needs, providing all-around quality restoration services to return your home or property back to its former glory.

What does a fire damage restoration company do?

GET Restoration’s fire, smoke, and water damage experts are the go-to guys for a clean-up after a fire. They use specialized equipment and industrial products to completely clean up the scene. For example, before restoration is done, they vacuum all soot from the scene and use dry-cleaning soot sponges to wipe down walls and other surfaces. They use submersible pumps to remove standing pools of water from rooms. They also sanitize the area to prevent cross-contamination of harmful microbes.

The fire damage restoration process includes washing & sanitizing contaminated items, including carpets and wallpaper, to avoid contamination in new carpets. The company discards items that are too damaged to clean for repair or restoration.

Furniture and other items may absorb water or become moldy and might need to be replaced. Yes, water damage is a common result of fires, too, and is a natural part of the fire damage restoration process.

GET Restoration Dalls/Fort Worth offers clean-up and rebuilding services that include a thorough analysis of the home’s condition from top to bottom and exterior to interior.

While it may seem like a lot of work, businesses that take care of their spaces after a fire will see an increase in sales or even more business.

Certified fire & smoke damage repair/restoration services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas

We have the equipment and staff needed for fire damage restoration projects both big and small. Fire damage and water damage restoration can be a huge hassle for homeowners and business owners alike. Our team can complete restoration in less time, providing exceptional quality and allowing you to return to your home as quickly as possible. We understand how important it is for homeowners to feel like things are back to normal after a sobering loss like this.

Our certified fire restoration & water damage restoration experts are seasoned rock stars. Don’t get too comfortable anywhere else, because this is the only crew you need. Not only do our restoration experts have years of experience, but they have a ton of professional certifications and accolades to prove it. With our top-notch staff and our nationwide network of certified technicians, GET Restoration is safer and more reliable than any other fire damage team in Texas.

Property damage

GET Restoration strives to be the premier fire damage repairs & restoration provider in Fort Worth and North Texas. When disasters strike your home or business, our company is here to help you. From smoke damage restoration to window and door replacement, we can help you repair your home and get back to normal operation quickly.

Cleaning services after fire

Whether fire has damaged the structure of your Fort Worth, TX home or there was an accidental water leak, this is the most essential part of any restoration. Any type of fire damage will require thorough cleaning, deodorizing, and possibly waterproofing after emergency services have been rendered and the fire trucks have gone home.

For fire-damaged homes, mold remediation will be necessary if there is evidence that water has affected the structure. For water-damaged homes, mold remediation can prevent potential health hazards. Completely cleaning every affected area is critical, and then peroxide-based cleaning products can be used to remove lingering smoke odors.

If fire damage has been left to fester, then mold can also become a problem. It’s best to turn mold over to a professional who can inspect and handle the situation professionally. After all, any contents stashed out are likely returning to pristine condition. Cleaning can involve duct sanitization, which removes any soot, smoke, or debris that may have settled in the ducts.

Industrial Smoke and Soot Damage

GET Restoration DFW can analyze and clean up fire and smoke issues on your property and assist with damage restoration and replacement for your electronic systems. Fire/smoke damage from industrial sources, in particular, can cause damage to expensive machinery, especially if these electronics aren’t cleaned up and soot corrosion starts to set in. We can also help eliminate smoke odor.

This is the most intensive part of a cleaning job. Cleaning soot off interior and exterior surfaces needs a lot of manual labor. In many cases, every inch of the fire-affected area will need to be cleaned. Deodorizing agents are then used to fully remove any lingering smoke smells. If water damage restoration has a major impact on the business, there’s no time to waste! Fast action is needed before the odors cause serious damage to customers’ wellbeing and brand reputation. GET Restoration DFW specializes in the safe cleanup & removal of soot damage.

cleaning up from fire and smoke

Your Fort Worth home will be tested for soot and smoke damage and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums will be set up to clean the air. The areas that need demolition will need to be assessed. Professional mitigation experts will be called to assess the extent of fire restoration and water damage, as well as what areas and materials are damaged.

After the fire has been extinguished and all of the debris removed by your insurance company, it’s time to rebuild. Specialists will write an estimate to be approved by your insurance carrier. Sometimes getting authorization takes time. Work will begin once the complete rebuild is approved.

direct insurance

Get coverage and protection for your Fort Worth home so you don’t lose everything, even if something goes wrong in your house. Most homeowners insurance programs will cover the cost the of disaster recovery experience after a fire, including everything from minor cosmetic work to complete renovation. Make sure you get in touch with your insurance carrier to discuss your options before you start any work.

GET Restoration serving Dallas/Fort Worth, TX is happy to work directly with your insurance agent so you can focus on getting your home back in order. We’ll work to ensure costs are fair and accurate & send your provider the appropriate documentation to comply with regulations and avoid conflicts with insurers.

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